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We’re going on a hiatus! After the summer, we catch up with the Untitled and Aahan for an in-depth look into the Toronto techno scene.

Meet this week’s artist: High Future

Our favorite work from High Future: Ismcast Presents: High Future

Why we love High Future: High Future is a South Korean-born, Berlin-based artist. Her sets are often a composition of high-intensity hard trance. She has frequently performed in Copenhagen alongside artists like Schake, Neri J, and Resonant Pole and more recently, she played in Griessmühle for an Ismus party. If you’re in town, be sure to catch her next gig in Berlin with Opål and HLLW. Keep your eyes out for her, we know we will.

Where you can find High Future: Soundcloud, Facebook, RA, Instagram

This weeks sound


Isabella | HARD DANCE NYC: Spinoff Gabber

In case you missed the gabber festivities, here’s some pounding 90s-like hardcore

Triangular Shaped // Kaos_London // 23.02.19

A dark, industrial, and slightly experimental journey


Second Tension - Diocese

A brutal and raging track of experimental noise

TRM-LP-042 Hypoxic - Creep

Pounding and slamming percussions with a touch of acid


Welcome to the Underground World of Healthy Clubbing

An inside look at how clubs in New York are reshaping the partying lifestyle

3 Questions with…Achiever

Achiever is a rising Dutch DJ and producer. He has released his pounding acid tracks on labels like Taro Records, Virtual Underground, and HEXE. His sets typically flow and build up to a fast industrial rave madness, and this style has allowed him to close the halls of the Netherland’s club, Basis. We love the thunderous and slamming sound of Achiever, and we’re excited to see what he does in the future.

What’s something you’ve created that you’re proud of?

As a producer I am proud of a track I made a while ago called “Sterk”. Most of the time when I release music I get told that my music doesn’t fit a specific genre. “Sterk” could be classified as hard-trance, techno or industrial and anything in between. When I start making a track I don’t go for a set genre but instead I let my artistic creativity lead me towards the end result. I think with “Sterk” I managed to create a track which differentiates itself from a lot of the techno I have seen come out recently. Some people really love the track while others think it is absolutely wack. When I dropped “Sterk” as the opener of my set at BASIS I saw the energy, the build-up, trance-y synth and hard kick fill the room with energy. At that point my pride got confirmed in a way which was awesome!

As a DJ I think I am making major steps with regards to my mixing game. During my last two podcasts (Raven Sigh, now out and Voight-Kampff, coming soon)  I tried to mix the first 10 minutes of the set in such a way that you almost can’t hear a transition from song to song. I also tried to create new tracks by mixing two tracks together in such a way that it borrows elements from one song and the other to essentially create a “new” song – SNTS tracks work especially well for this. I also think I have become way better at creating energy and a vibe in a set. I try to create sets that set a vibe and are not just a compilation of 2019’s hardest techno bangers.

Finally, something I would like to mention is my new EP which is coming out on the 10th of May 2019. It is a 4 track EP which will include a short text with each track, ending in a 3 part short story which the tracks are the soundtrack for (just like the movies!) so keep an eye out for that one!

What’s a track or set you’ve been listening to recently?

At the moment my favourite set is Zadig Presents: Day is Dying at Unpolished because it is so different. I was there when he played that set and the energy that day was incredible. Now when I listen to it at home I can feel that same energy -- Zadig really outdid himself there. I also think Dax J’s and Kobosil’s sets are always very well mixed together and their track selection is superb so those are safe ones to go back to.

I also make sure to check out some of my favourite podcast channels such as Voight-Kampff, Hard Vision, and SUBSTANTIV for lesser known artists/DJs.

For tracks I have to admit that I am very, very excited for the new Dax J EP. His tracks have been on repeat recently. For my favourite track of 2019 I would say: OPOSITION’s Alpha; the energy is unreal in that track.

Who is an artist you really admire?

Honestly, I admire every artist that doesn’t follow the beaten path but instead goes his/her own way. Lesser known producers I would like to name are Brecc, WNDRLST, DYEN, The Dag, TRBL, and Metapattern because they all have their own distinctive sounds and are not afraid to experiment. For bigger producers/DJs I think I admire Rebekah, Paula Temple, Dax J, Manu le Malin, and Remco Beekwilder the most. All of these DJs are quite big in the scene but have never forgotten that they started off small as well. All of them are up for a talk, giving feedback/responding to tracks if you send a track to them and work the decks/produce so well.

Links: Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram

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